The Framework

Demonstration of sustainable production of sheep meat and wool is critical to secure access to local and global markets. Customers want to feel confident that the food and fibre they purchase has been responsibly produced.

The Framework will assist industry to better understand its opportunities, challenges and impacts in key areas such as animal care, the agricultural landscape, economic resilience, and people and community.

The Framework will present evidence to our stakeholders that Australian sheep meat and wool has been produced responsibly in order to build trust and confidence in the industry.

It will demonstrate that Australia has a commitment to improvement and a clear path towards more sustainable practices where needed.

Who is responsible for the Framework?

Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) and WoolProducers Australia (WPA) lead the Framework, with Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) providing funding, strategic advice and secretariat support. SPA and WPA have appointed a Sustainability Steering Group to lead the process.

How will the Framework be used?

The Framework will monitor and measure industry performance against priorities. This will inform planning, management and evaluation of activities at an industry level. It will ensure that Australia can demonstrate that we are a global leader in sustainable sheep production.

The Framework will provide evidence of industry performance in sustainably produced Australian sheep meat and wool through:

  • Identification of priority areas for reporting
  • Identification of appropriate indicators
  • Gathering and reporting of the indicator data

A focus on aligning animal wellbeing, environmental, economic and social themes with best practice and community expectations will help ensure continued access to markets and capital for Australian sheep businesses.

What is outside the scope of the Framework?

The Framework does not set industry policies, goals or targets; drive extension or adoption; audit or certify individual businesses; or impose costs or reporting requirements on individual businesses.

What is the boundary of the Framework?

The boundary indicates where along the value chain the Framework will focus. It defines what will and will not be measured or reported. The Framework will initially cover on-farm (including feedlots), transport (including live sheep exports), saleyards and Australian processors. This is where data is readily available to measure, monitor and report performance and progress.

It is intended that the boundary of the Framework will extend to cover the overseas wool processing sector within the next one to three years.

It should be noted that as this is an Australian framework, it will initially report on Australian practices.